except Exception as me:


Ha, you might wonder what this madman is talking about ;) For returning visitors of mytty.org that all should make sense. I used to publish cyber security related content pretty frequently. I kept going for a few years until around mid of 2010. I figure that’s when my work got the better part of me and my life for good (oh yes, I’ve been working consulting hours) and I just stopped publishing any content at all.

I think I managed to reboot my life over the past few years. I actually did quite a lot of security related research and developed various utilities and frameworks which, so far, I haven’t shared anywhere. So I decided to catch that exception which was going on for almost nine years and call tryAgain().

But, enough of that. You are most likely not here to read me writing about myself! So we start this retry with the first post which is about leveraging the levenshtein distance in the context of web application security testing. I hope you get something new out of that first post and please leave a comment, feedback or just some greetings in the twitter based comment thread.


ps. Yes. You got it right. This whole site is static and for visitor/community interaction I use twitter based comment threads under https://twitter.com/mytty_project
pps. And yes, I’ll bring the old projects (wafp, fspy and kisgearth) back online over the course of the next few weeks as well. I also have new projects I’m working on - you will be the first to know about them if you keep watching this space.