Hacking a telnetd sensor node on the back of busybox telnetd

Telnetd sensor node what?!

I call it a sensor node (more on that in a later post), you might call it a telnetd stub. We are essentially talking about a telnet service which looks like a telnet service, is fingerprinted as a telnet service, replies like a telnet service, but is limited to bare minimal functionality and just meant as a sensor to gather information.

In this case, we are looking for the folks who are looking for us - or, who are looking for exposed services on the interwebs (or maybe your corp network?).


apatf - levenshtein distance in cyber security

Levenshtein distance what?

If you work or are just interested in cyber security you will have most likely encountered situations in which you would have loved to be able to automatically identify the percentage wise difference of two files or strings. A good example is a login or error page check. Imagine you are fuzzing a web application and you try to differentiate a successful injection from an error page.